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    Financing your log home is much the same as any other construction loan or permanent mortgage.  Local mortgage lenders and credit unions can process your loan.  There are also national log home lenders who work specifically with log home construction.  Your  Hartís Desire Log Homes representative will be more than happy to provide your lender with any information needed to secure your loan. 

Types of Financial Institutions that may Finance your Log Home

 Local Bank  National Mortgage Companies
Savings and Loan  Mortgage Broker
Credit Unions          U.S. Government

     When it comes to your individual financing needs we recommend that you research all of your options.  Some lenders do not finance log homes.  This is due to the fact that they do not fully understand the construction process of a log home or the fact that the homeowner may be acting as the general contractor.  It is essential that the lender that you select understands log home construction and is well-versed in log home projects.  Most importantly select a lender that gives helpful advice and makes you feel comfortable.

For pre-qualification and more specific information on financing click the links below

Waylon Harris
Loan Specialist
Gulf States Mortgage Corp
903-694-9436 fax
American Log  Mortgage 
Dean Loux,  ACS
American Way Corporate Center 3840 Hempland Road
Mountville, PA. 17554-1500
Toll Free 800-901-LOGS (5647)
Direct Dial : 717-285-6612
Fax 717-285-6413
Log Lenders of America
2909 N RR620 - Ste 107
Austin, TX. 78734   
Toll Free : 888-880-LOGS (5647)
Fax : 512-266-7101


Feel Free To Email Anytime.  Phone Number: 417-646-2225